Letterpress Printing

Invitations, Cards, Bookmarks, Broadsides, Business Cards, Foil Stamping

David Ashley owns an 1890’s Chandler & Price press, and a good number of vintage typefaces.

He enjoys printing invitations, cards, bookmarks and broadsides—and can enhance these pieces with foil stamping, if desired.

In addition, David has helped teach a number of printing classes over the years, both with the Book Arts League, and more recently with the Englewood Depot. Letterpress printing can be a very tactile and satisfying endeavor, and it is rewarding to share these skills!

His love of fine papers he has cultivated over many years is reflected in his choices for these printed works.  This is printing with a “bite” that has a beautiful, tactile quality all its own!

Pieces can be tailored to meet any specific need—utilizing his collection of types, or having plates made from digital files.

A note from the artist: 

I was first exposed to the beauty and richness of letterpress during an excursion to the Press at Colorado College in 1980. At the time, the Press was run by the late Jim Trissel, a fine printer and craftsman who introduced a whole generation of printers to their craft.

I resisted the “call” of letterpress for many years, fearing that it would lead to a slippery slope of acquiring a heavy press and amassing an even heavier collection of lead type fonts. Now, with a press (weighing over 900 pounds) 1890’s and around 100 fonts of type (weighing over a ton) in my Denver studio, I can sincerely attest that my earlier fears were correct!

 After trying to avoid letterpress for many years, I was truly surprised as I learned how it works at how much I enjoyed it. It fits my personality–I am a natural tinkerer–you have to be to make all the pieces work. Because I had a thorough background in calligraphy, type design, line spacing and letter spacing on capitals were a natural for me.”