Diplomas, Wedding Invitations, Signage, Commemorative Scrolls, Gifts

Shakespeare penned the immortal words: “Letters mingle souls.” So much of our lives are tied together in words—especially the words that communicate our deepest feelings, strivings and connections with our family and friends. At times, it just seems appropriate to have those thoughts and feelings preserved in a more permanent form—whether in the form of a book, or in a framed piece on a wall that reminds of what is truly important.

Calligraphy has been doing this for over five thousand years…and for all but the last five hundred, all words were done by hand—one at a time. Often, people ask “Isn’t calligraphy a dying art?” The answer clearly is a resounding “No!” Like many art forms, there have always been people interested in calligraphy, and many who will make some or all of their living doing letters.

David Ashley does both traditional and contemporary calligraphic works using the best inks, paints, handmade or imported and handmade papers, vellum and parchment, and gold leaf. We all have a sense of what it is to write with pencil or a ballpoint on regular paper—true calligraphic work is another animal indeed! Traditional calligraphy pens use carbon-based inks (like India Ink), archival colored watercolors or gouache, and “sit up” on the page in a tactile, fluid way that has been warming hearts for millennia! Also, the interaction of ink and paint with handmade or imported papers is a look that can only be approached with really well-done letterpress printing. Seeing is believing!

These calligraphic works are perfect for diplomas, wedding invitations, signage, commemorative scrolls or documents, gifts, and even tattoos.

Every piece he produces is a custom piece–so all works are a one of a kind original that the customer can cherish or give with pride. Please peruse these samples to get a small taste of David’s work…”Letters mingle Souls. Calligraphy endures.”