Calligraphy Writing Process

Calligraphy has a unique ability to draw attention to the depth and meaning of words. Through calligraphy, words take on new form and elicit a captivating beauty, evoking deep, powerful emotions. Precious moments and memories are transformed into elegant works of art, and their beauty and significance are preserved for eternity on paper.

Since 1980, David Ashley has been perfecting this timeless art form. David’s process for producing calligraphy writing ensures that every client receives a creation that is unique and meaningful, as well as of the very highest quality. This process is outlined below.


Conversation – If you are interested in calligraphy services, you can contact David by phone or email to begin a conversation. Once David has a general idea of the type of work you will need and the length of the writing, he can provide you with an estimate. You can send the quote, message, or document you need written in calligraphy to David through email or bring a printed copy to his studio.


Selection of colors & styles – Following our initial consultation will be a discussion of aesthetic elements. During this time, you and David will discuss calligraphy styles, colors, and paper. If you are in town, you may want to visit David’s studio to see materials and styles in person. Otherwise, this phase of the process can be completed over the phone or through email.


Proofing & review – Next, David will put the typed content into a proofing program. A copy is sent over for you to review. Once you provide your official approval, David will begin working on your project.


Calligraphy writing – David completes all calligraphy writing by hand at his studio using only the finest inks and materials. Once completed, a photograph of the finished project will be sent to you for a final review.


Enjoyment – Your creation is ready for you to enjoy. You can either pick up your item in person or David can mail it to you.

Get Started with Your Project

Bring your quote, message, or document to life with beautiful handwritten calligraphy. Contact David to get started with the process and begin planning your project today.