Calligrapher, Book-bookbinder & Letterpress Printer

Denver, CO

David Ashley is a book arts craftsman who uses traditional tools and materials to make pieces that help people recognize important events in their lives–whether a love poem, wedding vows, honorary degrees or illustrated works that truly express love or appreciation.  David also makes fully custom book boxes for old family books, first editions or journals; and also truly custom and unique boxes and containers for advertising and marketing pieces.  David’s Denver studio is full of wonderful tools, materials and artwork–including an 1890’s printing press, about one hundred fonts of vintage type, brass binding tools, and lots of handmade and imported papers, book cloths, parchment and vellum, and many examples of his work over the past almost forty years.

David Ashley is a leading Denver calligrapher, bookbinder and letterpress printer, with forty years of experience. David does many styles of calligraphy, illumination, illustration.

He also does book cloth and leather books and clam shell boxes, and almost any kind of box or portfolio that you can envision.  David works with individuals, collectors, schools and universities, companies and designers of all kinds.

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