Clamshell Boxes Process

Society always has and always will value books. Vast emotional intelligence, incredible insights, and the deepest knowledge known to mankind is gathered in books. On a personal level, books move us in profound and significant ways. There are some books that we hold very dear to our hearts, whether their value is emotional, familial, cultural, or historical. Their endurance is important to us.


Archival clamshell boxes and slipcases are beautiful and meaningful ways to preserve valuable books. Since 1990, David has been creating elegant custom clamshell book boxes. David’s clamshell boxes beautifully preserve books of various style and age, including rare and antiquarian books, family books, portfolio pieces, religious texts, and contemporary works.


This is an art form that David has mastered with over thirty years of dedicated practice. Below, you can find information about the process David uses to create these unique storage boxes and portfolio covers.


Conversation – If you are interested in obtaining a clamshell box or portfolio case, you can contact David by phone or email. Once David receives your inquiry, he will contact you back so that he can answer any questions you have and gather all the necessary information for your project such as measurements and aesthetic preferences.


Selection of colors & styles – Next, you will work with David to select the style, colors, and materials for your box. You can visit David’s studio to see materials in person or he can send you samples of colors through email. If time allows, David can also send swatches of materials through physical mail.


Approval – Once all decisions have been made regarding aesthetics, David will create a plan for crafting your box. Before beginning any work, David will confirm all details with you and confirm your approval to get started.


Handcrafting – All of the clamshell boxes that David creates are produced by hand and are one of a kind. None of the items are mass produced. Fine leathers, varied book cloths, and elegant papers are used to enhance the beauty of the original book.


Completion – Once the work is complete, your clamshell box is ready for you to enjoy. You can either pick up your box in person at David’s studio or it can be sent to you by mail.

Order a Custom Clamshell Box

If you are interested in obtaining an archival clamshell box or portfolio storage case, you can contact David by phone or email. David will create a beautiful keepsake box that keeps your item in excellent condition and allows you to use and enjoy it over the years.